ZTE Axon Mini Sports FPC Sensor

ZTE Axon Mini Sports FPC SensorFingerprint Cards (FPC) technology is powering another major new smartphone’s biometric capabilities, the company has announced. Its FPC1025 sensor has been integrated into ZTE’s Axon Mini mobile device.

ZTE is a repeat customer, with its original Axon smartphone having also integrated the FPC1025, which took aim at rivals in the high-end smartphone market. That device went on to win the User Experience Gold Award at this year’s IFA trade show, in part thanks to its biometric capabilities.

It’s no surprise, then, that it has come back to FPC’s technology for the newest iteration of its Axon mobile device. Moreover, FPC remains perhaps the top supplier of fingerprint sensors for Asia-based OEMs, and appears to be expanding to other regions globally as well, further building its credibility.

In a statement announcing the new integration, FPC CEO Jörgen Lantto commented that “ZTE is a leading smartphone manufacturer and we are proud that ZTE selected FPC1025 for Axon Mini, following up on the success of Axon”.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)