ZTE Aims at High-End Mobile Rivals, Sports FPC Sensor

ZTE Takes Aim at High-End Mobile Rivals with New DevicesChina-based consumer electronics maker ZTE has launched three new devices including a new flagship Axon phone. The new smartphone is the company’s first to integrate a touch fingerprint sensor. The Axon features the FPC1025, which boasts 360 degree finger rotation reading, as well as 3D image quality.

In addition to sporting 128GB memory, dual-SIM capability, and Coming’s Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass out of the box, the Axon phone has a couple of more technologically advanced features. For example, it comes with ZTE’s Smart Voice voice command technology, allowing users to interface with the device in English, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, and Chinese. And of course it has the fingerprint sensor, which is quickly becoming a standard feature on flagship handsets.

The fingerprint sensor may be of particular interest to consumers looking forward to embracing the coming compatible mPayment platforms, since most (if not all) rely on biometric authentication for user transactions. And of course the integration is good business for FPC, which has clearly established itself as one of the leading fingerprint sensor suppliers (if not the leader) for the Chinese smartphone market.

But ZTE has announced some other notable gadgets with its Axon smartphone. One is the ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector, which could find a niche for itself in the burgeoning Internet of Things. The other is the ZTE Axon Watch, a bona fide smartwatch featuring voice and gesture control, health and fitness tracking features, calling and texting capabilities, and more. It’s one of the first major rivals to the pioneering Apple Watch that have emerged, the other notable competitor being Samsung’s Gear A; and it may signal the beginning of the smartwatch’s ascendance to the mainstream that many had predicted.