ZTE Incorporates EyeVerify Biometrics into Flagship Device

Eye_iris-620x350Mobile device maker ZTE has announced its new flagship device, and it’s going to feature a somewhat unique form of biometric security. The ZTE Grand S3 will be one of the first smartphones in the world to use eye-scanning biometric technology for user authentication.

That technology comes by way of EyeVerify, a biometrics company specializing in technology that scans the unique pattern of veins on a user’s eye. The relatively new company was given a “Rookie of the Year” award at last year’s CES – also winning an award for “Technology Innovation” – and went on to be selected for Wells Fargo’s inaugural Startup Accelerator in August. This month, the company struck a deal with Digital Insight, a digital solutions provider for the financial services sector, to implement its technology into that company’s mobile apps.

Clearly that momentum didn’t let up, now that ZTE is betting on the technology for its flagship device. While other platforms have gestured at using video scanning for user authentication – as in Android Lollipop’s “Face Unlock” feature – few have deployed it as seriously as the more traditional fingerprint scanning systems on many new smartphones. But ZTE appears to be compelled by the security that EyeVerify’s system offers. Speaking in a press release, ZTE Mobile Devices CEO Adam Zeng Xuezhong said the “ZTE Grand series of smartphones is focused on offering the most secure devices in the market for business users worldwide,” and asserted that “with EyeVerify’s leading solution, the ZTE Grand S3 represents an unbeatable option for smartphone privacy.”