ZUK Z2 Rio Features Fingerprint Biometrics From FPC

Lenovo is once again using Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics technology for the biometric capabilities of a new ZUK smartphone. The ZUK Z2 Rio features an FPC1155 sensor running Precise BioMatch Mobile algorithm software.

FPC, Precise Biometrics Technologies Return in ZUK Z2 RioIt’s essentially the same configuration used in the previous version of this smartphone, the original ZUK Z2. In fact, since the ZUK brand’s founding its devices have used the same FPC1155 sensor model running Precise BioMatch Mobile. Lenovo evidently has been satisfied with the technologies for its new mobile brand.

It isn’t alone in that respect. Numerous smartphone OEMs have by now established longstanding relationships with FPC and Precise Biometrics, helping to propel those companies to the top of their respective fields when it comes to mobile biometrics integrations. And given that biometric technology is only expected to become more prominent in the smartphone market over the coming years, FPC sensors and Precise Biometrics software can be expected to appear in many more future devices.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)