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    2FA, Biometric Security Needed as Car Theft Goes Digital

    A team of Kaspersky researchers have found serious vulnerabilities in mobie apps for connected cars that could let hackers track and unlock vehicles, according to a new article from Wired. The report indicates the growing need for more sophisticated digital identity security such as biometric authentication as connected cars continue to get smarter. The researchers investigated nine…

  • IBM, Visa Announce IoT Payments Effort
  • Norwegian M2M/IoT Operator Embraces Gemalto eSIM Solution
  • Target Clarifies Apple Pay Situation After Misleading Tweet
  • Precise Biometrics’ Algorithm Software Featured On Redmi Note 4X
  • Fujitsu Announces Biometric Authentication Platform for the IoT
  • World’s First In-Car Payments System, Care of Jaguar, Shell, Apple Pay, PayPal
  • Yubico Launches USB-C 2FA Security Key
  • Precise Biometrics Announces Year-End Results, Weighs in on Mobile Fingerprint Market
  • FIDO Alliance Launches Partner Showcase
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      News Roundup: Wearable Innovation in a Connected World

      Last week at Mobile ID World we reported on the latest member to join the FIDO Alliance while details emerged concerning the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and wearable innovation, biometric software, and mobile payment news filled out the headlines. Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile digital identity:…

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      INTERVIEW: Javier Mira, CEO, FacePhi

      Peter O’Neill, president of Mobile ID World had a chance to speak with Javier Mira, CEO and co-founder of FacePhi. The conversation starts with a review of what an excellent year 2016 has been for FacePhi, goes on to cover the challenges of deploying biometrics in the financial arena, and discusses the importance of industry…

  • INTERVIEW: Roberto Wolfer, CEO, JENETRIC
  • INTERVIEW: Mark Clifton, CEO, Princeton Identity
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