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    Apple Granted New Patent for Ultrasonic Touch ID

    Apple has been granted a new patent for an ultrasonic fingerprint scanning system that could be part of the basis for the iPhone 8’s rumored in-display Touch ID system. As 9to5Mac reports, a previous Apple patent described ultrasonic imaging as the most accurate form of fingerprint recognition technology, given its capability of getting through contaminants…

  • NXP Semiconductors is Precise Biometrics’ Latest Hardware Partner
  • Union Bank of the Philippines Using Daon Biometrics For Mobile App
  • Testing Has Been Completed on NEXT Biometrics’ A2 ASIC Chip
  • Samsung Seeks to Recycle Galaxy Note7
  • Hitachi System Can Spot a Face in a Crowd, or a Backpack, or a Hairstyle…
  • Wells Fargo Customers Can Now Access ATMs with Their Phones
  • Microsoft Licenses Smart Car Tech to Toyota
  • Two-Factor Authentication Comes to Instagram
  • Samsung Brings LTE Connectivity to the Smartwatch
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      News Roundup: The Evolution of Mobile Identity

      Last week at Mobile ID World, face biometrics took center stage as we continued to count down the days to the upcoming live webinar event, From Revolution to Evolution: The New Mobile Biometrics Landscape. Mobile wallets made their share of headlines too, while our industry coverage was rounded out by IoT, two-factor, and fingerprint news.…

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      INTERVIEW: Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO, FaceTec

      Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO, FaceTec. ZoOm, FaceTec’s software-based facial recognition solution, stands out for its combination of identity matching and robust liveness detection. The following interview details how ZoOm’s liveness feature works, how the solution fits into the current mobile biometrics landscape, the innovative B2B, Free2C business…

  • Interview with Dr. Hemant Mardia, Managing Director and CEO, IDEX
  • MWC 2017 Audio Interview: David Pollington, Head of Applications & Services, GSMA
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