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    Mobile Biometrics in Financial Services Accelerating: Report

    The mobile biometrics boom is underway and just getting started, at least when it comes to financial services. That’s the analysis of Goode Intelligence in a new report entitled Mobile Biometrics for Financial Services: Market & Technology Analysis, Adoption Strategies & Forecasts 2015-2020. The market research firm estimates that over 120 million financial services customers…

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      News Roundup: Google’s Post-Password Commitment

      Last week at Mobile ID World we saw Google commit to killing the password, a slew of biometric tablets, and fingerprint focused headlines in the news. In the meantime, our sister site, FindBiometrics, held the latest entry in its renowned expert webinar series, and we also got a glimpse of a nascent connected car biometrics market.…

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      INTERVIEW: Michael Shao, CEO, Aratek

      Peter O’Neill, president of Mobile ID World, recently conducted an interview with Michael Shao, CEO of Aratek—a global biometrics company, based in China, that specializes in fingerprint recognition hardware and software solutions. Offering everything from simple fingerprint modules, to advanced ten-print scanners, and the software and middleware that allows for integration, Aratek is capable of…

  • INTERVIEW: Jim Miller, Chairman & CEO, ImageWare Systems
  • INTERVIEW: Javier Mira, Executive Vice-President, FacePhi
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