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    Details Emerge About Samsung Galaxy Note7’s Iris Scanning

    New details are emerging about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note7‘s iris scanning functionality. More specifically, leaks purportedly showing the setup process for the feature appear to illustrate some of its limitations. For example, users are reportedly advised to hold the device between 25 and 35cm from their faces. TechRadar reports this as a matter of…

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      News Roundup: Top Trends in Mobile Identity and Connectivity

      Last week at Mobile ID World we saw fingerprints continue to proliferate the mobile device market via a steady stream of sensor integrations while mobile payments, strong authentication standards, and 5G connectivity rounded out the headlines. Here’s a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile digital identity. Smartphone Biometrics Fingerprint Cards (FPC) announced…

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    • Biometric Commerce

      INTERVIEW: Dan Miller, Lead Analyst & Founder, Opus Research

      As connectivity speeds up and spreads out, security and authentication are becoming prime concerns in the Internet of Things and an increasingly mobile-first society. Addressing these concerns, we see voice biometrics and intelligent authentication solutions on the rise. Dan Miller, lead analyst and founder of Opus Research—who many readers will recall was a special guest…

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  • INTERVIEW: Michael Shao, CEO, Aratek
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