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    Behavioral Biometrics Offer Considerable Return on Investment: BioCatch

    Security based on behavioral biometrics can offer a considerable return on investment, BioCatch says. And to prove it, the company has launched an ROI calculator for organizations considering implementing the technology. In a blog post announcing the ROI calculator, BioCatch cites Experian, its new credit specialist partner, in asserting that as much as 10 percent…

  • Apple Plans P2P Service, Pre-Paid Debit for Apple Pay: Report
  • Alexa to Use Some Colorful Language with New Developer Tools
  • Lightweight Notebook Supports Fingerprint and Palm Vein Authentication
  • Visa Aims for ‘Ambient Authentication’
  • Parking App Expands mPayment Support
  • Samsung Pay Sees Market, Device, and Modality Expansion
  • Upgraded Sensory Tech Can Identify Voices, Respond to Custom Wake Up Words
  • GSMA Announces Speakers, Session Topics for Hague Event
  • Jumio Celebrates Q1 Success, Industry Recognition
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    • Biometric Commerce

      News Roundup: Fingerprint Scanning Payment Cards

      Last week at Mobile ID World fingerprint scanning payment cards made the biggest headlines while mobile wallets, iris recognition, and biometric smartphones made up the bulk of the industry news. Take a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile digital identity: Biometric Payment Cards Last week we reported on two biometric payment cards…

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  • News Roundup: The Evolution of Mobile Identity
  • News Roundup: Connected Future, Connected ID
  • GUEST POST: Examining IoT Security and Encryption
  • News Roundup: The Mobile Wallets Are Spreading
  • News roundup: Biometrics and Connectivity at MWC
  • GALLERY – Mobile ID World at MWC 2017: Identity is Integral to Connectivity
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    • Biometric Commerce

      INTERVIEW: Rob Haslam, HID Global’s VP and Managing Director of Government ID Solutions

      Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Rob Haslam, VP and Managing Director, Government ID Solutions, HID Global. The result was an in-depth conversation about HID Global goID, the company’s mobile ID solution. Haslam and O’Neill speak on a wide range of topics, from the nuanced functionality of the goID solution, to the role of…

  • INTERVIEW: Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO, FaceTec
  • Interview with Dr. Hemant Mardia, Managing Director and CEO, IDEX
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