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    Facial Recognition Coming To A Phone Near You

    Apple’s been known to set the trends in consumer mobility, and no greater example is when Apple announced Touch ID in 2013. Following this announcement, a cascading roll out of smartphones around the globe with integrated fingerprint sensors ensued. So much so that fingerprint-based security is now considered standard issue on most devices. So what’s…

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  • Fingerprint Cards Launches FPC1291 Biometric Sensor
  • Cortana and IFTT Make It Easier To Talk To Your Smart Home
  • WISeKey Integrates SuisseID Into WISeCoin Wallet
  • Samsung Patent Details Smart Drone
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    • Biometric Commerce

      The Mobile Moment: How Smaller Smartphone Makers Are Confounding Biometric Expectations

      It’s always a busy time in the mobile sector in the weeks leading up to the annual Mobile World Congress, but this week a relatively unknown smartphone maker managed to make some news with its revelation that its next device will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. That could make the company, China-based Doogee, just the…

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    • Biometric Commerce

      Interview with Yves Portalier, EVP for Connected Objects, IDEMIA

      Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Yves Portalier, EVP for Connected Objects, IDEMIA. The interview begins with an overview of the new company structure after the 2017 merger of OT and Safran Identity & Security that resulted in IDEMIA’s creation, as well as an explanation of IDEMIA’s Augmented Identity core philosophy. The discussion…

  • INTERVIEW: David Pollington, Senior Director Technology, GSMA
  • Interview with Hemant Mardia, CEO, IDEX ASA
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