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    NEC Embraces Arm Standard for Smart City Security

    NEC is embracing an Arm standard for smart city security. The company has announced a partnership with Arm Limited that will revolve around the latter’s Arm Platform Security Architecture, or PSA. The standard concerns securely connecting devices in the Internet of Things, which is of course an area of overlap with smart city solutions, an…

  • Heathrow Airport to Leverage Yoti’s Mobile Tech for Biometric Passenger Processing
  • Jumio Highlights Overall 2018 Growth in Q3 Update
  • Onboarding Solutions Provider Veridate Leverages Acuant Tech
  • New Huawei Flagship Combines In-Display Fingerprint Sensor with 3D Face Scanning
  • Thales, Gemalto Get South African Approval for Merger
  • NXP’s New Development Platform for Machine Learning in the IoT
  • Self-Checkout Specialist NCR Corporation to Integrate Yoti for Proof of Age
  • WISeKey Announces Universal Decentralized Identification System
  • Enacomm Deploys AI Chatbot Solution with Alabaman Bank
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      The Biometrics Industry Speaks at FedID 2018 [AUDIO]

      This week Mobile ID World and FindBiometrics reported live from the FedID conference in Tampa. High level conversations about biometrics, identity management, access control, credentialing, trust, border control, law enforcement and national security kept the Tampa Convention Center abuzz all week, and our editors Peter Counter and Susan Stover were there to make sure industry…

  • FedID 2018: Biometric Background Checks and Disaster Relief
  • Why It’s Such a Big Deal That All of the New iPhones Use Face ID
  • BRIEF: What Does Apple’s Switch to Face ID Mean for the Mobile Industry?
  • iPhone X Sequels Show Apple’s Definitive Switch to Face ID
  • BRIEF: Artificial Intelligence Becomes a Smart Bet
  • BRIEF: Mobile Biometrics at a Turning Point
  • BRIEF: The Face ID Effect
  • Money20/20 Europe: 12 Interviews with Biometric FinTech Experts
  • Mobile ID World is Reporting Live From “The Greatest FinTech Show on Earth”
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      INTERVIEW: Javier Mira, Co-founder and CEO, FacePhi

      Mobile ID World recently caught up with Javier Mira, Co-founder and CEO, FacePhi, for an interview about the facial recognition company’s recent activity. The conversation begins with talk about the effect Apple’s Face ID has had on the mobile face biometrics market at large, as well as the substantial growth FacePhi has seen over recent…

  • INTERVIEW: John E. Ahrens, CEO, Veratad
  • INTERVIEW: FaceTec CEO Kevin Alan Tussy
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