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    Black Friday’s Big Smartphone Trend – and What It Means for Next Year

    It’s no surprise to find smartphones among the big-ticket holiday shopping items this Black Friday (not to mention Cyber Monday) – especially ones from brands like Apple and Samsung. Smartphones are popular items, and despite relatively incremental improvements, they tend to show up on consumers’ wish lists every year. But as with so many other seasonally…

  • Alexa Finally Gets a Body in the New Lynx Robot
  • Selfie-Centered Meitu V6 Features FPC Sensor
  • AimBrain Authenticator Comes to BlackBerry Marketplace
  • Sunrise ID Checker Leverages Video Selfies, Smartphone Signatures for ID Verification
  • FPC Provides Tech for IDEMIA’s Biometric Payment Card
  • TRUSTECH 2017: NEXT Biometrics To Showcase Smart Card Solution
  • Participate in the 2017 FindBiometrics Year in Review Survey
  • Facebook Case Study Attests to YubiKey, U2F Solutions
  • Google, Stanford Researchers Training AI to Listen to Doctor-Patient Conversations and Take Notes
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      A.I. Assistants Are Changing Our Relationship With Money

      by Susan Stover Sophisticated advancements in digital voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are rapidly changing the way we interact in our world, and are fundamentally changing the way we relate to money, making it easier than ever to manage funds, send money, and track spending. The future of banking is changing quickly…

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  • FPC’s Thomas Rex on Biometric Smart Cards and Money20/20 [AUDIO]
  • BRIEF: The Continued Ascent of FIDO Authentication Standards
  • Wherefore Art Thou, Face ID? What’s Already Going Wrong – And Right – With Apple’s Facial Recognition System
  • Just How Revolutionary Is Apple’s Face ID System?
  • Cloud-Based Biometric Authentication Emerging as a Key Trend
  • FindBiometrics and ISC West Announce Exclusive Sponsorship
  • Eyeball Banking, AI Payments, and Biometric Credit Cards: Financial ID Briefing
  • BRIEF: What’s Next for Biometric Payments?
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      INTERVIEW: BIO-key’s Jim Sullivan

      Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Jim Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, BIO-key. The interview begins with highlights from BIO-key’s exciting and productive 2017, as well as discussion of the financial biometrics market, before taking a deep-dive into the company’s enterprise operations. O’Neill and Sullivan delve into the nuances…

  • FPC’s Thomas Rex on Biometric Smart Cards and Money20/20 [AUDIO]
  • INTERVIEW: Håkan Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics
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