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    Nuance Security Suite Saved Clients Over $1 Billion in 2018

    A lot of biometric security specialists say they can help businesses to reduce fraud and save money, but Nuance Communications is backing up its own particular value proposition with some numbers: The company says that its Nuance Security Suite saved organizations over $1 billion collectively over the course of 2018. The solution combines voice recognition,…

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  • GSMA: Mobile Tech is Driving Economic Development in Tanzania
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    • Biometric Commerce

      Mobile ID World is Reporting Live From MWC19: The Roundup

      Mobile ID World is reporting live from Mobile World Congress Barcelona, where identity, connectivity and innovation are converging. With biometric access at the front door and next generation intelligent identity solutions on the floor, this year’s MWC is painting a picture of just how integral strong authentication and mobile ID has become to the larger…

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    • Biometric Commerce

      INTERVIEW: Stefan K. Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics

      Precise Biometrics has established itself as a world leader in supplying fingerprint algorithm software. The company has also proven adept at maneuvering to navigate the market changes that have ensued, from the dramatic rise of smartphone-based fingerprint sensors to that market’s saturation to the expansion to multimodal capabilities. Precise Biometrics also has a relatively new…

  • INTERVIEW: IDEMIA’s Patrice Meilland and Mehdi Elhaoussine On the Future of Payment Cards
  • INTERVIEW: Sensory CEO Todd Mozer Talks 3D Facial Recognition, AI, and More
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