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    Canadian Credit Unions Trial Alexa for Customer Banking Transactions

    Two Canadian credit unions are now testing a system that lets customers do their banking through Alexa, Amazon’s voice-based virtual assistant. The technology comes by way of Vancouver-based FinTech specialist Central 1, which developed it in collaboration with San Francisco design agency Point One Digital. Essentially, the idea is to make Alexa a customer service…

  • University of Texas Study Highlights Impact of Identity Theft
  • Google Assistant Code Suggests Facial Recognition in the Works
  • Qualcomm Chip Supports Samsung Galaxy Note9’s AI, High-Speed Connectivity
  • Safaricom to Implement Biometric SIM Registration
  • IDEX Biometrics to Present Q2 Update at Live Event on August 16
  • Apple Wants to Put Your Passport in Your Phone, Patent Suggests
  • Biometrics-Powered Airport Automation is Taking Off: Acuity
  • ImageWare Sees Substantial Improvement in Q2 Update
  • New Android OS Plays On Key Mobile Trends
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      BRIEF: Artificial Intelligence Becomes a Smart Bet

      Artificial intelligence has always been an exciting concept. AI technology helped to drive the computer revolution of the 1990s, has animated some of the toughest opponents to be faced in video games, and has lately become increasingly talkative on our smartphones. But now that the state of the art is starting to enable computer vision…

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      Interview with Caryn Seidman Becker, Co-Founder and CEO of CLEAR

      The biometric border control market has been growing for nearly 20 years, with recent innovations in strong authentication technologies spurring impressive growth rates, and and CLEAR is at the forefront of the industry. Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Caryn Seidman Becker, Co-Founder and CEO of CLEAR. The following interview begins on the…

  • INTERVIEW: Conor White, President – Americas, Daon
  • INTERVIEW: NEXT Biometrics CEO Ritu Favre
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