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    FIDO Alliance Highlights Expansion of FIDO2 in 2019 Year End Report

    The FIDO Alliance is calling attention to the global spread of FIDO-certified login technology in its 2019 year-end progress report. The organization notes that nearly every major web browser – including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera – introduced FIDO2 support in 2019, while FIDO’s WebAuthn API became an official W3C web standard. FIDO2 also extended…

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  • Goodix In-Display Sensor Tech Featured in 5G OnePlus Phone
  • Buguroo Offers a Crash Course on Two-Step Authentication
  • Zwipe Announces Incoming New CFO
  • Thales Explains How Tokenization will Improve Credit Card Security
  • Simeio Unveils Identity Vault App with Facial Recognition Tech
  • Qualcomm’s New Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor is 17 Times Larger, Allows for Dual Fingerprint Scanning
  • Jumio Grabs Gold at 2019 Best in Biz Awards
  • FPC Teams with Valid on Biometric Payment Cards
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      Biometric Smart Cards Month: The Roundup

      All last month, Mobile ID World put a spotlight on one of the most exciting areas of mobile identity: biometric smart cards. The fundamental technology – fingerprint-scanning cards – has been around for years now. But technological refinements and breakthroughs, together with escalating and recent trends in the converged security and financial services sectors, have…

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      Interview: FacePhi CEO Javier Mira on the Biometrics Specialist’s Amazing Ascent

      The booming biometrics market has seen a lot of success stories over the last several years, but in the financial services sector, FacePhi is one that really stands out. The Spain-based firm was one of the first to wholeheartedly embrace the concept of selfie-based authentication via facial recognition, launching its flagship Selphi authentication solution back…

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  • Interview: IDEMIA’s Civil Identity Head Matt Thompson on Mobile ID and Pearson VUE
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