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    Distilled Analytics and Shyft Team to Develop Global Identity Platform

    Two identity-focused tech firms have teamed up to develop a global identity platform based on blockchain technology. One of the firms, Boston-based Distilled Analytics, offers continuous authentication solutions based on end users’ digital activities. The other, Shyft Network, is developing a blockchain-based platform for identity verification. Together, the companies have announced Distilled Identity, a collaboration…

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  • Nuance’s Artificial Intelligence Can Predict What Customers Are Calling About
  • Survey Says Businesses Finally Recognizing Need For Customer Data Protection
  • Exabeam, SecureAuth + Core Security Launch Behavioral Biometrics Solution
  • Gemalto Announces Mobile-Focused Digital ID Platform Based On Blockchain
  • CallVU Call Center Security Solution Leverages Mobile Biometrics for Caller Authentication
  • IDEX Receives First Order for Biometric Payment Card Tech
  • Goodix Responds to Allegations of Patent Infringement
  • Samsung Mobile Head Promises Big Changes for Galaxy S10
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      Why It’s Such a Big Deal That All of the New iPhones Use Face ID

      Ever since Apple introduced the world to its Face ID facial recognition system with the launch of its iPhone X last autumn, there have been rumors and speculation that Face ID would quickly become Apple’s primary biometric authentication system, at least on the iPhone. And last week, Apple confirmed those rumors, unveiling three new iPhones,…

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      INTERVIEW: John E. Ahrens, CEO, Veratad

      Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently interviewed John E. Ahrens, CEO of Veratad, a world class provider of age and identity verification solutions. The conversation begins with discussion of the company’s origins involving the convergence of online banking and payments with age verification technology. Ahrens proceeds to outline Veratad’s product lineup, including its document…

  • INTERVIEW: FaceTec CEO Kevin Alan Tussy
  • Interview with Caryn Seidman Becker, Co-Founder and CEO of CLEAR
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