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    Home Button to Go Virtual on Next iPhone

    The trove of HomePod firmware code has produced another tantalizing hint about Apple’s next iPhone – namely, that its home button will be virtual and resizable. That’s the conclusion that developer Steve Troughton-Smith has come to after digging further through the developer code for Apple’s forthcoming smart home device. In a tweet, the developer asserted…

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  • Apollo Program Puts Baidu at Vanguard of Smart Car Revolution
  • Depth Sensing System Among Newly Granted Apple Patents
  • PayPal Plans Mobile Payments App for H1 2018
  • FPC Tech Used in BPhone 2017
  • BIO-key Saw Strongly Increased Sales and Revenues in Q2 2017
  • Closed System Approach Means Apple Misses the Bus in Beijing
  • Eufy Genie Uses Synaptics Audio Processing Tech
  • New Qualcomm Camera Modules Support Iris Authentication, Depth Sensing
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      Biometrics, Cryptocurrency, Alibaba’s Cashierless Cafe: Financial ID Briefing

      The Financial ID Briefing brings you top highlights from the world of biometrics, mobile ID, and finance. It is powered by FindBiometrics and Money20/20. Biometrics Power Alibaba’s Cashless Cafe Facial recognition, QR codes, and mobile tech combined to transform the retail experience at an experimental cafe run by Alibaba at the Taobao Maker Festival. Alibaba’s…

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  • Biometric Security is Progressing, but Some are Lagging Behind: NNL
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  • Fingerprint Scanning Payment Cards Get Commercialized: FinTech Roundup
  • BRIEF: The Artificial Intelligence Renaissance is Underway
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      INTERVIEW: Stephen Stuut, CEO, Jumio

      Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Stephen Stuut, CEO of Jumio. The conversation begins with a brief history of the company and an overview of Jumio’s spectacular Q4 2016 results, which capped off its landmark year. Stuut then walks O’Neill through Jumio’s Netverify solution, touching on its liveness detection and document verification…

  • INTERVIEW: Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory
  • INTERVIEW: Rob Haslam, HID Global’s VP and Managing Director of Government ID Solutions
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