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    FIDO U2F Support Enters Firefox Development Pipeline

    Firefox Nightly now offers FIDO U2F security key support, thanks to a helping hand from Yubico. It’s the first big step toward U2F key support on the Firefox browser proper. Firefox Nightly is essentially a testing ground, compiling code from Mozilla developers on a daily basis for testing on the following day. Over time, code…

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      Just How Revolutionary Is Apple’s Face ID System?

      Apple has created quite a stir with its unveiling of the iPhone X, and not least because of its Face ID facial recognition system. Together with Apple’s framing of the issue, and the media response it has provoked, casual observers might be led to believe it’s a revolutionary new technology. But facial recognition in general…

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  • BRIEF: We Saw The Future Of Payments At Money20/20 Europe, And It Is Biometric
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      INTERVIEW: Stephen Stuut, CEO, Jumio

      Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Stephen Stuut, CEO of Jumio. The conversation begins with a brief history of the company and an overview of Jumio’s spectacular Q4 2016 results, which capped off its landmark year. Stuut then walks O’Neill through Jumio’s Netverify solution, touching on its liveness detection and document verification…

  • INTERVIEW: Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory
  • INTERVIEW: Rob Haslam, HID Global’s VP and Managing Director of Government ID Solutions
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