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    HSBC Adds Fuel to Innovation Effort with MIT Partnership

    “Related initiatives include allowing customers to open accounts using mobile selfies, voice authentication for customers calling in about their accounts, and a recent partnership with FacePhi to further expand its use of facial recognition technology.” HSBC is aiming to add further momentum to its digital innovation with a new partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of…

  • Australians to Get Motion Code Payment Cards In First Half of 2018
  • Apple Has No Plans to Enable Multi-User Face ID (and Didn’t Mean to Bring it to Touch ID in the First Place)
  • First Implementations Highlight FIDO UAF 1.1 Support for Android Biometrics
  • With Rear-Mounted FPC Sensors, New Xiaomi Redmi Devices Reflect Full-Size Display Trend
  • FIDO Alliance Launches Korea Working Group, Pushes For Global Adoption
  • Auto Parts Provider Names IDEMIA Best Supplier
  • Visa’s Future of Security Roadmap Places Strong Focus on Biometrics
  • Pop-Up Steering Wheel, Holograms, and Biometrics Among Cutting-Edge Hyundai Mobis Car Tech Planned for CES 2018
  • Support for Multimodal Biometrics Baked Into New Qualcomm Snapdragon Chip
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      Mobile Identity, Biometrics, Cloud and Micro-services Hot Topics at 2017 Gartner IAM Summit

      Analysts, customers and vendors met at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas to discuss trends and solutions. “The digitization of society (not just business or the enterprise)… was a clear underpinning for many of the sessions.” The 2017 Gartner Identity and Access Management (IAM) Summit kicked off on Tuesday, November 27, including Gartner analyst-led sessions, analyst roundtables,…

  • A.I. Assistants Are Changing Our Relationship With Money
  • BRIEF: The iPhone X’s Outsized Impact
  • FPC’s Thomas Rex on Biometric Smart Cards and Money20/20 [AUDIO]
  • BRIEF: The Continued Ascent of FIDO Authentication Standards
  • Wherefore Art Thou, Face ID? What’s Already Going Wrong – And Right – With Apple’s Facial Recognition System
  • Just How Revolutionary Is Apple’s Face ID System?
  • Cloud-Based Biometric Authentication Emerging as a Key Trend
  • FindBiometrics and ISC West Announce Exclusive Sponsorship
  • Eyeball Banking, AI Payments, and Biometric Credit Cards: Financial ID Briefing
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    • Biometric Commerce

      INTERVIEW: BIO-key’s Jim Sullivan

      Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Jim Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, BIO-key. The interview begins with highlights from BIO-key’s exciting and productive 2017, as well as discussion of the financial biometrics market, before taking a deep-dive into the company’s enterprise operations. O’Neill and Sullivan delve into the nuances…

  • FPC’s Thomas Rex on Biometric Smart Cards and Money20/20 [AUDIO]
  • INTERVIEW: Håkan Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics
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