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    BRIEF: Why FIDO’s Authentication Standards Are Blowing Up

    The FIDO Alliance, a cross-industry consortium of a range of companies in the mobile and tech sectors, is the world’s biggest proponent of strong digital authentication. Its UAF and U2F authentication standards advocate for the use of biometric and multimodal identity confirmation on digital devices, and have proven increasingly influential in the broader tech ecosystem,…

  • Yubico Exec to Speak at Black Hat 2017
  • Hyundai’s Genesis G70 to Feature Built-In AI Speech Technology
  • Aspiring IoT Standards Setter Makes First Certification, Promises Many More
  • JCPenney, Ryanair Each Announce Apple Pay Support
  • High School Students in Mexico Prove Keen on HID Global Smartphone IDs
  • Gemalto TSH Brings El Corte Inglés Payment Card to Samsung Pay
  • Blippar Users Can Now Identify Each Other With Smartphone Facial Recognition
  • Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 8 on Aug. 23rd
  • Qualcomm Bringing FPC Sensors to Low- and Mid-Range Snapdragon Microprocessors
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      GUEST POST: Without Spoof-Proof Liveness, Biometrics Will Never Replace Passwords

      The following article is a guest post by John Wojewidka, Director of Business Development, FaceTec. Fingerprint, and all other biometric modalities on mobile devices, have failed to replace passwords because they lack spoof-proof liveness detection. So why is liveness so critical to biometric authentication?  First, we will need some context: A biometric spoof uses an inanimate…

  • Biometric Security is Progressing, but Some are Lagging Behind: NNL
  • Biometric Superheroes, Next Gen Payment Cards, and Amsterdam
  • BRIEF: We Saw The Future Of Payments At Money20/20 Europe, And It Is Biometric
  • Money20/20 Europe: The Biometric Buzz
  • Money20/20 Europe: Square is Ready For a World Without Payment Cards
  • BRIEF: With Consumer Tech Interest, Facial Recognition is Going Mainstream
  • Fingerprint Scanning Payment Cards Get Commercialized: FinTech Roundup
  • BRIEF: The Artificial Intelligence Renaissance is Underway
  • GUEST POST: The Software-Driven Shift in the Security Industry
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      INTERVIEW: Stephen Stuut, CEO, Jumio

      Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Stephen Stuut, CEO of Jumio. The conversation begins with a brief history of the company and an overview of Jumio’s spectacular Q4 2016 results, which capped off its landmark year. Stuut then walks O’Neill through Jumio’s Netverify solution, touching on its liveness detection and document verification…

  • INTERVIEW: Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory
  • INTERVIEW: Rob Haslam, HID Global’s VP and Managing Director of Government ID Solutions
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