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    Ping Identity Survey Shows How Data Breaches Can Hurt Brands

    “Ping Identity has published its findings alongside its offering of additional security tools to customers of its PingID multi-factor authentication platform for the enterprise, each of whom can now receive a pair of YubiKey 5 Series security keys, empowering them with another, FIDO2-compliant means of securing sensitive information on their devices.” New survey data from…

  • Javelin Names Daon as a Leader in 2018 Mobile Biometrics Platform Awards
  • Trustonic’s TAP Solution Delivers Ksmarttech OTP Security to iOS
  • China AI Computer Vision Firm AEYE-GO Scores VC Funding
  • New Mint Onboarding System Links with UAE’s Biometric National ID Database
  • Zwipe Cuts Biometric Card Power Consumption by 70 Percent
  • Nuance Sells Document Imaging Division, to Focus Entirely on Voice and AI
  • Gemalto Wins F&S Global Digital Banking Solutions Company of the Year Award
  • Successful 5G Connection Points to H1 2019 Deployment
  • ImageWare Partners With, Expanding Reach of GoVerifyID
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      BRIEF: The Proliferation of Biometric Consumer Tech

      This time last year was a somewhat tumultuous one in the world of consumer-facing biometrics. Apple had just announced its iPhone X, and an entire industry of mobile device makers who had followed its lead in embracing fingerprint authentication for their own products suddenly faced the question of whether facial recognition was the future, even…

  • Talking Biometrics and Mobile ID at Money20/20 [Audio Interview Roundup]
  • The Biometrics Industry Speaks at FedID 2018 [AUDIO]
  • FedID 2018: Biometric Background Checks and Disaster Relief
  • Why It’s Such a Big Deal That All of the New iPhones Use Face ID
  • BRIEF: What Does Apple’s Switch to Face ID Mean for the Mobile Industry?
  • iPhone X Sequels Show Apple’s Definitive Switch to Face ID
  • BRIEF: Artificial Intelligence Becomes a Smart Bet
  • BRIEF: Mobile Biometrics at a Turning Point
  • BRIEF: The Face ID Effect
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    • Biometric Commerce

      INTERVIEW: Javier Mira, Co-founder and CEO, FacePhi

      Mobile ID World recently caught up with Javier Mira, Co-founder and CEO, FacePhi, for an interview about the facial recognition company’s recent activity. The conversation begins with talk about the effect Apple’s Face ID has had on the mobile face biometrics market at large, as well as the substantial growth FacePhi has seen over recent…

  • INTERVIEW: John E. Ahrens, CEO, Veratad
  • INTERVIEW: FaceTec CEO Kevin Alan Tussy
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