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    IDEMIA’s CloudCard+ Named “Best Payment Authentication Platform/Solution” by Juniper

    “IDEMIA’s solution is a mobile application that is designed to leverage one of two biometric factors for user authentication…” IDEMIA has come out a winner in Juniper Research’s Future Digital Awards. Its CloudCard+ solution took the top prize in the category of “Best Payment Authentication Platform/Solution”, ahead of runner-up Accertify and its Dynamic Risk Vectors…

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  • New AR-Based Virtual Assistant for Healthcare Offers Living Room Check-Ups
  • FinTech Firm’s AI System Nears Human-Level Reading Comprehension in Stanford Test
  • IAM Solutions Provider Embraces FIDO2 and YubiKey 5 Series
  • Imprivata Partners With DigiCert, Further Refining Patient ID Platform
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  • Mobile Payments Specialist Boku Acquires Danal, Inc.
  • Apple Patent Depicts Adaptable, Biometric AirPods
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    • Biometric Commerce

      Year in Review: Reflecting on the Good and Bad of Facial Recognition’s Big Year

      Facial recognition technology has had a big year, in good ways and bad. On the positive side, Apple signaled a more or less definitive switch to 3D facial recognition as the primary mechanism for user authentication on its flagship smartphones: Having made a big splash last year with its introduction of Face ID on the…

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    • Biometric Commerce

      INTERVIEW: Sensory CEO Todd Mozer Talks 3D Facial Recognition, AI, and More

      Sensory, Inc. closed out 2017 as the provider of one of the world’s most sophisticated biometrics platforms for mobile devices. Having demoed a virtual bank teller AI assistant that uses facial and voice recognition to identify the user at the FinovateFall event, the company saw its technology integrated into a major new smartphone from LG,…

  • INTERVIEW: FaceTec CEO Kevin Alan Tussy Talks PAD Standards and Education [PART TWO]
  • INTERVIEW: FaceTec CEO Kevin Alan Tussy on Spoofing and PAD Testing [PART ONE]
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