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    Microsoft Previews Open-Source, Blockchain-Based Decentralized ID Platform

    “ION is built with Sidetree technology that will eventually be laid over the top of the Bitcoin Blockchain, though the code is still being developed…” Microsoft’s Identity Division is giving developers a preview of a new digital identification network designed to make decentralized identities more feasible on a global scale. Senior Program Manager Daniel Buchner…

  • Yoti Approved for Age-Restricted Purchases in UK Convenience Stores
  • The Identity Verification Market is Set to Skyrocket: Report
  • New BioCatch CRO to Spearhead Company’s Ambitious Growth Plans
  • AU Optronics Announces Full-Screen Biometric Fingerprint Sensor
  • OneSpan Raises Consumer Awareness Through Partnership with Square Enix
  • FIDO Alliance Adds HYPR to its Board of Directors
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Embraces FaceTec’s ZoOm for Biometric Security
  • Jumio Partners with TruNarrative, Wins Industry Acclaim
  • New Privacy Guidelines Released by Biometrics Institute Reflect GDPR Concerns
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      This Week’s Top Mobile ID Articles: Fighting Fraud and Spotlighting Google

      If there are any themes in this week’s top stories for Mobile ID World, at least one of them would have to be the fight against fraud. It’s a topic that permeates the discussion of one of the most popular recent interviews we’ve had in some time, with the Chief Technical Officer of a leading…

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  • Year in Review: Reflecting on the Good and Bad of Facial Recognition’s Big Year
  • BRIEF: The Proliferation of Biometric Consumer Tech
  • Talking Biometrics and Mobile ID at Money20/20 [Audio Interview Roundup]
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      Interview: FacePhi CEO Javier Mira on the Biometrics Specialist’s Amazing Ascent

      The booming biometrics market has seen a lot of success stories over the last several years, but in the financial services sector, FacePhi is one that really stands out. The Spain-based firm was one of the first to wholeheartedly embrace the concept of selfie-based authentication via facial recognition, launching its flagship Selphi authentication solution back…

  • Interview: CTO David Harding Discusses ImageWare’s Big New Identity Platform
  • Interview: IDEMIA’s Civil Identity Head Matt Thompson on Mobile ID and Pearson VUE
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