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    Yubico Officially Releases Lightning-Ready iOS Security Key

    Yubico has formally launched the YubiKey 5Ci, a new security key with a Lightning connector for iOS and MacOS devices. The YubiKey 5Ci has a USB-C connector in addition to the Lightning connector, so it is also compatible with Android and Windows devices and can provide secure authentication regardless of the hardware being used.  “The…

  • Onfido Launches Biometric Identity Pilot in the UK
  • ZenGo Lets Users Trial Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency, with Biometric Security
  • Apple Promotes Transparency, Biometric Security with New Credit Card
  • BBVA Fully Expanding Mobile Biometric Onboarding
  • Precise Biometrics’ YOUNiQ Solution Undergoing Face-Based Access Control Trials
  • Nokia Focuses on Face Recognition for Latest Smartphone
  • Intel, Microsoft, and Duality Push for Better AI Encryption Standards
  • Fujitsu’s RunMyProcess IoT Platform Secured by ImageWare Biometrics
  • Grand View Forecasts $1.99 Billion Anti-Money Laundering Market
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      Samsung Takes Spotlight in Mobile-heavy Week on MIDW

      It was a mobile-heavy week on Mobile ID World – at least with respect to our most popular articles. Biometric authentication proved to be an important theme among those stories, and as for individual companies in the news, Samsung spent the most time in the spotlight. That’s thanks in large part to the company’s latest…

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      Interview: FacePhi CEO Javier Mira on the Biometrics Specialist’s Amazing Ascent

      The booming biometrics market has seen a lot of success stories over the last several years, but in the financial services sector, FacePhi is one that really stands out. The Spain-based firm was one of the first to wholeheartedly embrace the concept of selfie-based authentication via facial recognition, launching its flagship Selphi authentication solution back…

  • Interview: CTO David Harding Discusses ImageWare’s Big New Identity Platform
  • Interview: IDEMIA’s Civil Identity Head Matt Thompson on Mobile ID and Pearson VUE
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