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    Amazon Alexa Comes to Huami’s Amazfit Verge Smartwatch

    Huami has upgraded the Amazfit Verge smartwatch with the full integration of Amazon Alexa. Users of the wearable device will now be able to talk to the hand to get news, sports, and weather updates, and to perform a slew of basic clerical functions.  “Alexa has become a natural part of our daily routines in…

  • Yoti’s Biometric Tech Helps to Facilitate UK’s First Blockchain-Based Home Sale
  • HID Global Partners with Device Authority for Enterprise IoT Security
  • Sensory Announces Full Release of On-Device Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition Solution
  • New BeamU Biometric Smart Card Features FPC’s T-Shape Fingerprint Sensor
  • Precise Biometrics Fingerprint Software Powers a Smart Door Lock and a New FIDO2 Security Key
  • Apple Patent Expands the Touch Bar with Face ID and Retinal Scanning
  • Zwipe Launches JavaCard OS for Biometric Payment Apps
  • Mobylabs Biometric Key Fob Features FPC Sensor
  • ‘Urgent Update’ for Galaxy S10 Enhances In-Display Biometrics
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      BRIEF: Automotive Biometrics Reach a New Gear

      The idea of incorporating biometric technology into cars has been gaining traction for several years now, with many recognizing the obvious benefits of using, for example, fingerprint recognition instead of a key for the ignition. But now that biometric technology is starting to converge on the automotive industry in a big way, the full breadth…

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  • Mobile ID World Podcast, Episode 1: Biometrics in 2018
  • BRIEF: Why In-Display Biometrics Tech Will Keep its Momentum in 2019
  • Year in Review: Reflecting on the Good and Bad of Facial Recognition’s Big Year
  • BRIEF: The Proliferation of Biometric Consumer Tech
  • Talking Biometrics and Mobile ID at Money20/20 [Audio Interview Roundup]
  • The Biometrics Industry Speaks at FedID 2018 [AUDIO]
  • FedID 2018: Biometric Background Checks and Disaster Relief
  • Why It’s Such a Big Deal That All of the New iPhones Use Face ID
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      INTERVIEW: BioCatch’s Frances Zelazny on Biometrics, Education and New Fraud Threats

      Last week, our sibling site FindBiometrics published part one of an extensive interview with Frances Zelazny, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, BioCatch. That first half of her conversation with Peter Counter, Managing Editor of FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World, dealt with how behavioral biometrics can thwart sophisticated vishing fraud attacks, the behavioral insights market, and…

  • INTERVIEW: Stefan K. Persson, CEO, Precise Biometrics
  • INTERVIEW: IDEMIA’s Patrice Meilland and Mehdi Elhaoussine On the Future of Payment Cards
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