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    Panasonic Toughbooks Take Advantage of Crossmatch’s DigitalPersona Security

    “By offering DigitalPersona to our Toughbook customers, we’re ensuring they can continue redefining what it means to be mobile and how work gets done with the security that today’s digital world demands.” – Brian Rowley, VP of Marketing and Product Management for Panasonic System Solutions of North America Panasonic is taking advantage of Crossmatch technology to secure…

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  • New Huawei Phone Features Ultrasonic Qualcomm Sensor, Precise Biometrics Software
  • JCB Biometrics Card Pilot Project Gets Underway
  • Windows to Enable Passwordless Login Via FIDO2 Security Key
  • Upgraded Anti-Phishing Platform Offers ‘Victim Insights’
  • FPC Announces Manufacturing Partner for T-Shape Biometric Cards
  • How Close Are We To Smartphone-Based Self-Serve Border Screening?
  • BIO-key Showcasing TouchLock Biometric Padlocks at Hong Kong Trade Show
  • Fingerprint Cards Sensor Used in Biometric Payment Card Trial
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      The Buzz About FIDO2 and WebAuthn

      This week, the FIDO Alliance and W3C, the world’s primary standards organization for the web, announced a new standard designed to bring FIDO-based biometric and hardware key authentication to Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and the world’s most widely used browser, Google Chrome. The WebAuthn API specification is a core component of the new FIDO2 specification…

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  • UPDATED 3/01/18: The Biometrics Industry Speaks at Mobile World Congress 2018
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      INTERVIEW: Michael Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy

      Mobile ID World President Peter O’Neill recently spoke with Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy. The conversation begins with how MicroStrategy is delivering on its vision of the Intelligent Enterprise. The concept shows us how a unified mobile identity, device management and communication capabilities can be tightly integrated with analytics to bring a simple solution that’s…

  • Interview with Yves Portalier, EVP for Connected Objects, IDEMIA
  • INTERVIEW: David Pollington, Senior Director Technology, GSMA
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