Access Softek Automates Investment Process with New EasyVest Tool

Access Softek has released an automated investment tool that was built to encourage participation in wealth management programs. The EasyVest solution is compliant with financial regulations and can be integrated into any existing online or mobile banking platform.

Access Softek Automates Investment Process with New EasyVest Tool

EasyVest is specifically geared toward smaller, community financial institutions that have trouble competing with the more robust investment operations of national banks. Access Softek notes that the vast majority of consumers (98 percent) do not take advantage of their financial institution’s wealth management tools, making EasyVest a potentially lucrative revenue stream if it convinces those people to invest.

EasyVest itself is essentially a robo-advisor that serves the same function as the human investment advisors it is replacing. Users will describe their investment goals, and EasyVest will provide portfolio recommendations that take factors like income, timeframe, and the user’s level of comfort with risk into account. The platform will offer a selection of low-cost, broad index ETF portfolios, and will support individual and retirement accounts.

The robo-advisor comes with APIs that will make it compatible with other mobile banking platforms, and provides customers with an intuitive dashboard to help them manage their investments.

“Our members can open an investment account directly within the online banking channel,” explained Sno Falls Credit Union President and CEO Timothy Williams. “We see the addition of this innovative solution as a true competitive advantage.”

Of course, Access Softek is not the only company to try to use technology to make financial services more accessible. For example, TruNarrative recently revealed that it will be provide biometric onboarding technology for the ikigai wealth management app, which also allows users to make and track investments through a simple mobile interface.

Meanwhile, CULedger completed a pilot of its MyCUID authentication system in December. The digital credential is designed for credit unions and uses mobile biometrics to verify customer identities.