Acuant’s New Automotive Clients Point to Growing Trend

Acuant’s document reading and facial recognition technology has won over two new clients in the automotive sector, the company has announced.Acuant's New Automotive Clients Point to Growing Trend

One of them, Clutch Technologies, is an Atlanta-based firm specializing in vehicle subscription solutions for fleet services. The company will use Acuant’s technology to verify driver’s licenses, and to authenticate end users via selfie.

The other new client, Pony, is a European car sharing service. The firm is adopting Acuant technology for customer verification during onboarding, with Acuant suggesting in a press release that the technology will also be used to strengthen authentication in the Pony Car Sharing app.

The developments may reflect a growing interest in biometric, mobile-based authentication technologies in the automotive sector and car sharing in particular, arriving soon after Brazil-based car sharing service Turbi integrated a similar solution from FaceTec into its own mobile app to enable smartphone-based access to its cars. Such technology appears to be well-suited to these kinds of applications, and it’s fair to expect more deployments to come as the car sharing industry continues to grow.