Adobe Lightroom Upgraded with Facial Recognition

Adobe Lightroom Upgraded with Facial RecongitionAdobe Lightroom, the professional photo editing program, has been upgraded with a slew of new features including facial recognition, according to a PCMag article by Michael Muchmore. The new version is called Lightroom CC and is available via an Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription or as a standalone purchase.

The program offers other features as well: high dynamic range (HDC) luminosity, panorama imaging, new brushes for Radial Filters and the Graduated Filter, and so on. Adobe has also optimized it for mobile, allowing for more effective means of organizing, cropping, and otherwise managing photos on smartphones and tablets. But the biggest new feature is probably the facial recognition system, which allows for face tagging much like how it’s done on Facebook.

This kind of technology is increasingly prevalent in everyday software. Adobe’s facial recognition doesn’t seem to be quite as aggressive in its design as Facebook’s DeepFace feature, which tags faces automatically, but that could be a good thing, given the legal trouble that Facebook has landed in over its biometric technology’s alleged privacy violations. For Adobe’s part, no controversies have yet erupted over its new facial recognition system, and presumably the company has taken measures to ensure there won’t be any such concerns as users embrace it.