Aerendir Introduces Proprioceptive Neurophysiology For Authentication

A new Silicon Valley firm is taking a new approach to mobile biometric authentication. Called Aerendir, the company specializes in what it calls ‘Touch Technology’ based on, as its website explains, “proprioceptive neurophysiology.”Aerendir Introduces Proprioceptive Neurophysiology For Authentication

Yes, proprioceptive neurophysiology. While the specific technicalities of Aerendir’s ‘Neuro-Finger Print’ (NFP) system are under wraps, the term refers to signals generated within an individual, and uniquely shaped by each individual’s brain. Remarkably, Aerendir says these signals can be detected by hardware that is already common in mobile devices – hardware that its NFP solution can leverage to enhance what otherwise looks like a standard fingerprint scan.

What’s more, Aerendir’s system operates entirely on the device. That means user data is not transferred to an external server during the authentication process, and therefore cannot be intercepted via hack attacks.

The company says it is currently working on a personal data vault solution and a smartphone app through which services can be delivered by Aerendir or licensed third parties. It’s building an IP portfolio in the US and Europe, and is taking aim at the mobile authentication, e-commerce, financial services, and e-government markets.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)