AimBrain Helps Small Businesses Replace PINs and Passwords for Free

AimBrain has launched a new SDK platform for biometric authentication that could deliver better security to a number of small businesses at no extra cost.AimBrain Helps Small Businesses Replace PINs and Passwords for Free

The platform is designed to replace PIN and password authentication with facial and voice recognition, dubbed “AimFace” and “AimVoice”. The SDKs can be leveraged for mobile or web environments, and clients can establish their own error rate parameters.

Perhaps most importantly, AimBrain is offering to support 1000 API requests per month for free, an amount that the company says is “sufficient for projects and small, growing businesses”, according to a statement announcing the solution. The company also emphasized that this request limit can be spread across multiple apps, helping to ensure that developers can test out the implementation of biometric authentication across a range of scenarios.

It’s a timely offer, with many companies now scrambling to implement more sophisticated security technologies as the European Union’s big new consumer privacy and data protection regulations come into effect this week. And as some smaller companies see firsthand the advantages that this kind of biometric authentication has to offer – and as it helps them to grow – their managers may soon feel compelled to more onto the enterprise pricing programs that AimBrain offers when more than a thousand API requests are needed per month. Until then, interested companies can sign up from free through the AimBrain On Demand website.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)