AimBrain Teams with iDENprotect, Targeting PSD2 Market

AimBrain and iDENprotect have teamed up, the companies have announced.

AimBrain Teams with iDENprotect, Targeting PSD2 MarketThe former offers a biometric authentication platform based on facial, voice, and behavioral recognition. The latter offers enterprise security solutions that leverage embedded security hardware commonly found in mobile devices. Their partnership will combine iDENprotect’s technology with AimBrain’s facial recognition, offering what they call a ‘device-plus-identity’ authentication solution.

In a statement announcing the partnership, iDENprotect CEO Craig McDermott explained that AimBrain’s “intelligent biometric solution creates additional contexts about the user, improving security and performance.”

Offering further commentary, AimBrain CEO Andrius Sutas echoed that sentiment, as well as iDENprotect’s assertion on its website that its solution “is the obvious choice for supporting the new PSD2 requirements” – data protection regulations that will soon take effect in the European Union. “This enhanced level of security will flag fraud before it happens, and brings extra security combined with ease-of-use to the regulated target markets of both companies,” Sutas said.

The firms have not yet offered a timeline for the launch of their joint solution, but with the EU’s PSD2 regulations required to be translated into legislation by January 13th, it’s fair to expect it soon.