Gamers Can Wake Up And Log In To The Alienware 17 By Looking At It

PC gaming electronics specialist Alienware has announced a new notebook that features eye-tracking technology from Tobii Tech.

Gamers Can Wake Up And Log In To Alienware 17 By Looking At ItIt’s called the Alienware 17, and there are a number of ways in which it takes advantage of the technology. One is a function called ‘Wake on Gaze’, which brings the notebook out of sleep mode when the user stares at the Alienware logo on the device. It also features dynamic keyboard lighting based on what the user is looking at, and its screen will dim to save power when the user’s attention is elsewhere.

Tobii’s eye-tracking technology also supports facial recognition on the device via Windows Hello. Together with Wake on Gaze, that means users can wake up and log in to their Alienware 17 notebooks with virtually no effort; without even touching them.

Of course, Tobii and Alienware aren’t neglecting the gaming applications of this eye-tracking technology. Having shown off how eye-tracking can be integrated in a new Assassin’s Creed game at this year’s CES, Tobii is supporting such functionality in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2, which will be offered to the first consumers to buy the Alienware 17; and the companies have also worked with Overwolf to help it leverage eye-tracking for its gaming performance analytics apps.

The Alienware 17 will become available for order on September 30th.