Alipay Launches In-App Biometric Art Game

China-based mPayment company Alipay has found an innovative way of generating user interest in its biometric authentication technology. In collaboration with advertising agency DDB China, the company has launched a kind of art project within its mobile app.

Alipay Launches In-App Biometric Art GameIt’s called “Who Art You”, and revolves around Alipay’s facial recognition technology. Users upload their selfie pictures, and within a few seconds their faces are matched to similar portraits from a selection of about 2,000 famous paintings.

The company sees it as a fun way to engage customers with its authentication technology. First announced under the moniker ‘Smile to Pay’ early last year, the system leverages a user’s smartphone camera to perform authentication based on facial recognition. It’s an alternative mobile biometric modality to fingerprint scanning, which is used for authentication on competing platforms like Apple Pay.

That rival platform recently launched in China, as did Samsung Pay, and as such Alipay may be stepping up its efforts to defend marketshare. Who Art You could prove to be a good way to do that, by stoking interest in the Alipay app from consumers who might not otherwise have thought to try it.

Source: Marketing Interactive