All Proposals From IDEX Board of Directors Accepted at AGM

The proposals made by IDEX‘s Board of Directors and its nomination committee were all accepted at the company’s Annual General Meeting last week.

AGM Sees Acceptance of All IDEX Board Proposals

In a statement, IDEX confirmed that its board will continue to be chaired by Morten Opstad, and that Deborah Davis, Hanne Høvding, Lawrence John Ciaccia, and Andrew James MacLeod will continue on as board members. The nomination committee will also stay intact, with Robert N. Keith, Rune Sundvall, and chairman Harald Voigt staying on as its members.

The AGM was held last Wednesday, with IDEX proceeding to issue its Q1 results, which detailed the company’s efforts to adapt to competitive pressures in the mobile biometrics market. It’s doing that primarily by looking to new market areas, with biometric smart cards and payment cards representing a key focus.

The maintenance of the status quo with respect to IDEX’s board and nomination committee suggest a certain degree of confidence in the direction the company is taking and in its leadership, with new CEO Stan Swearingen having taken the helm on April 1st.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)