Amazon Adds Biometric Security to Home Unlocking App

Amazon has brought biometric security to its Amazon Key service.Amazon Adds Biometric Security to Home Unlocking App

First launched last November, the service lets Amazon Prime customers allow deliveries to be made directly into their home by allowing them to remote unlock doors secured with connected smart locks. And it’s not just for Amazon couriers; users can also allow access to third parties like dog walkers or caretakers. The system also works with the Amazon Cloud Cam to let users monitor what’s going on remotely through a web camera.

It’s a nice idea, but that also means that Amazon Key gives its user access to a home’s smart locks and security camera – a worrying situation if a given smartphone falls into the wrong hands. Fortunately, the app is now secured with fingerprint recognition for user authentication.

Welcome though this feature may be, truth be told, it’s still a bit redundant. Anyone who’s inclined to use fingerprint-based security and has a compatible phone will probably already be using it for phone unlocking, so the addition of fingerprint authentication to the app itself isn’t going to make much difference in a case where a locked phone is stolen. But at the very least the integration of fingerprint recognition into Amazon Key is a bit of savvy positioning aimed at making the system more appealing to security-conscious consumers.

And given that the Amazon Key Home Kit – including the app, a webcam, and a smart lock – starts at $249.99, some consumers are going to need a bit of convincing before diving in.

Sources: Irish Examiner, Geeky Gadgets