Amazon’s Alexa Takes on the Role of Fitbit Coach

Fitbit health data can now be integrated into the Amazon Echo, with the latter’s AI assistant, Alexa, able to answer users’ questions about their fitness stats.

Amazon's Alexa Takes on the Role of Fitbit CoachFitbit devices are, of course, wearables equipped with biometric sensors that can track physiological data related to health and fitness. Amazon Echo, meanwhile, is a home automation device that allows users to control connected apps and products via voice command. Now, with Alexa’s new compatibility with Fitbit, a user can theoretically walk in from a run outside and ask Amazon Echo, “How many calories have I burned today?” Moreover, Alexa’s responses will also be designed to offer encouragement to users, suggesting, for example, that they take a walk if they have time, and offering phrases like, “You’ve got to start somewhere.”

The two devices each represent growing frontiers of technology that can be grouped under the umbrella of the emerging Internet of Things, in which voice-based interaction is expected to play an increasingly important role as a user interface. Commenting on the integration in a statement, Amazon Alexa Director Rob Pulciani asserted, “More experiences are moving to voice, and it’s only going to get better for our customers.”

Alexa is now compatible with all Fitbit devices using the Fitbit App, and is available not only through Amazon Echo, but also via Amazon Tap, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Echo Dot.