Americans Want More Biometrics in the Workplace: Survey

Americans Want More Biometrics in the Workplace: Survey

Veridium has shared the findings of its Biometric Consumer Sentiment Survey, revealing that more adults are warming to the benefits of biometric authentication. The survey found that a full 70 percent of respondents would like to see biometric authentication used more often in the workplace, alternately citing speed, security, and convenience (and the difficulty of remembering passwords) as their primary motivations for the change.

The Veridium survey polled 1,000 US adults who have previously used some form of biometric authentication to log into an account, and credited the opinion shift to the rise of biometric features on mobile devices.  

“We’ve seen an uptick in the adoption of biometric technologies in consumer-facing apps,” said Veridium CEO James Stickland. “With biometric authentication becoming more mainstream, enterprises are well positioned to introduce the technology to their employees to create a fast, secure and frictionless experience when logging into workplace networks and applications.”

The majority (63 percent) of respondents selected fingerprint recognition as their preferred form of biometric identification, with facial recognition coming in a distant second at 14 percent. The survey also exposed some generational differences, with the youngest respondents expressing an unexpected preference for traditional passwords over any one form of biometric authentication. That could reflect a lack of trust in access management providers. Veridium found that most respondents (57 percent) had some doubts about the ethical standards of the companies storing their personal information, and stressed the importance of transparency for companies looking to speed up the biometric adoption process. 

While the Veridium study focused on the workplace, previous research has found growing support for biometric identification in other sectors, including payment cards and airport security.  

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)