Android Pay Grows with Bank, Loyalty Program, and Mobile Web Support

Android Pay is growing, with new support from major banks. In the US, the mobile payment platform should get a significant boost from its new support from major American bank Chase. Meanwhile, Santander and TSB in the UK have agreed to offer Android Pay support, which should emerge “over the coming weeks”, according to a blog post on Android’s website.Android Pay Grows with Bank, Loyalty Program, and Mobile Web Support

The Android Pay team has also been working with big merchants to streamline the user experience. The company points out that its mobile wallet recently enabled support for Walgreens’ Loyalty Rewards member cards, and it says that similar loyalty programs with Chili’s and Dunkin’ Donuts will be integrated into the mPayment platform soon, too. Android Pay has also become the first mPayment platform to integrate with Uber’s Payment Rewards program, with a special 50 percent discount offer helping to promote the platform until October 15th.

Finally, Android has announced that it’s expanding Android Pay to the web, allowing users to pay with the platform through mobile apps from,, and more to follow. In so doing, it may beat Apple to the punch, with the latter having indicated earlier this year that Apple Pay would expand to the web this autumn. But no firm launch date for this functionality has yet been set, so both rivals still have an opportunity to be first to market with this feature.