Android Pay Enables In-App Purchasing

Android Pay Enables In-App PurchasingAndroid Pay is expanding, both in functionality and availability.

In a new announcement on the company’s blog, the company has announced that its mPayment platform now supports in-app purchases. Among the apps currently supported are Lyft, OpenTable, and DoorDash, with more on the way. And to help promote the new capability, Android Pay is offering special deals through some of the participating apps.

The company also announced that in the first half of next year Android Pay will arrive in Australia. It isn’t clear why the company has chosen this large, six-month window, but it may be fair to speculate that it’s running into the same obstacles that have beleaguered Apple Pay – namely, that Australia’s banks are resisting the entrance of these mPayment services, partly over fees.

In any case, the Google’s Android is evidently optimistic that it will succeed in bringing the service to the country. And in the more immediate future, its newly enhanced functionality with in-app purchases could help it to stay competitive with rivals Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

Source: Android Official Blog