AppGuard Launches Military-Grade Data Sharing App for Employee Devices

AppGuard Launches Military-Grade Data Sharing App for Employee Devices

AppGuard has launched a new mobile app that is designed to provide “zero trust” security for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Dubbed TRUSTICA Mobile, the new app creates a unique key to encrypt every single text message, voice message, and file sent through the service. 

“Malware and malicious apps can’t steal or expose sensitive data because TRUSTICA Mobile isolates files in a secure space with multi-layer cryptographic containment,” explained Fatih Comlekoglu, the Chief Technology Officer at AppGuard.

TRUSTICA Mobile supports multiple forms of biometric authentication, including iris, fingerprint, and facial recognition, in addition to password and location-based authentication. The app allows employees to use their personal mobile devices to access sensitive work information without compromising network security.

“TRUSTICA Mobile provides an isolated, secure environment for messaging, document sharing, or voice and video calls on employee-held devices.” said AppGuard CEO Jon Loew.

The military-grade app blocks phishing attacks and screen capture, and also has the ability to protect information that is still in transit. If another app tries to access the camera or the microphone while TRUSTICA Mobile is in use, the app will alert the user to potential eavesdropping or even terminate the session.

All-encompassing security solutions like TRUSTICA Mobile are likely to become more popular as more mobile devices offer support for multimodal biometrics.