Apple Canada Must Hand Over Documents

Apple Aims at Privacy ConcernsA Canadian judge has politely ordered Apple Canada Inc. to provide certain documents related to an investigation of the company’s business practices, according to a Canadian Press article on CBC News. The Competition Bureau’s investigation, as we’ve recently reported, is looking into allegations that the company used anti-competitive clauses in its contracts with the country’s wireless carriers.
The news comes in the wake of a former Apple executive having been sentenced to a year in prison in the US for his role in a kickback scheme with partner suppliers. His relatively light sentence has led to some speculation that he’s providing authorities with additional information about wrongdoing on the part of the company, and so it’s possible that some of that information has led to the Canadian investigation.
Apple’s newest mobile devices sport notable technical sophistication, with features such as fingerprint-scanning biometric technology, and have been quite popular with consumers. As such, the company has sometimes been rather heavy-handed in its dealings with partner companies; whether that behaviour is found again in the results of the current investigation remains to be seen.