Apple Moving Away From Physical Home Button With New iPhone

This year’s iPhone will have a dual camera system and a capacitive home button, according to new leaks reported by Bloomberg.

Apple Moving Away From Physical Home Button With New iPhoneThe dual camera system will allow for more vivid photos by combining the images of two cameras, each with different color sensors—though that system may only be available on the larger version of the new iPhone. Meanwhile, the home button will no longer be a physical button, but rather a pressure-sensitive sensor that responds to presses with haptic feedback.

The shift away from a physical home button may also be a move in the direction of integrating the home button directly into the iPhone’s display—an ambition hinted at in recent patent filings by Apple. But such a system will likely not appear until next year, when Apple is expected to launch a more substantial redesign of the iPhone, and to bestow that device with the iPhone 7 moniker.

This year’s device, meanwhile, looks to be a minor, iterative upgrade of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, and Bloomberg reports that the new models will be very similar in size and design to the current devices.

Source: Bloomberg Technology