Apple Logo Scratching Off Some Apple Watch Models

59243102_thumbnailSome Apple Watch owners are reporting cosmetic issues with their devices. Reports have been surfacing of the Apple logo and adjacent text getting scratched up on the back of space grey versions of the Apple Watch Sport model.

While the issue isn’t widespread, there have been multiple reports surfacing on Reddit, and recently AppleInsider managed to get in touch with one of the affected users, who said that after contacting Apple about the issues, the company’s support staff offered to exchange the user’s device with a new one, free of charge, so that they could study the defects more closely. The user said that an Apple representative asked questions concerning the user’s activity levels, potential water damage, and the local climate where the smartwatch was used. The simple explanation, though, is that the grey version of the Sport has its logo and text printed on, rather than engraved, though of course Apple will want to find out what that print is peeling off for some users.

Given the way that Apple has tried to market its new device as a kind of luxury accessory, it’s a potentially embarrassing issue. Still, as AppleInsider points out, the Sport model is the cheapest version of the device, and so far relatively few users seem to be affected. Moreover, the smartwatch is an entirely new category of device for Apple, and we’ve seen hints before of how there might be a bit of a learning curve for the company from a technological standpoint.

Source: AppleInsider