Apple Patent Describes Biometric Head Mounted Display

Apple Patent Describes Biometric Head Mounted Display

A patent filed by Apple with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office details a future Head Mounted Display (HMD) system with interchangeable lenses, and biometric sensors that can identify the wearer.

The patent lists a biometric sensor onboard the HMD, which could potentially be used for user authentication. The type of biometric sensor is not specified, though the patent does show it physically coupled to the display making likely that it is either facial or iris recognition rather than fingerprint.

There is also mention of authentication from another device, likely biometrics or credentials from a connected account, for example from the user’s iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple’s patent also addresses the problem of users requiring corrective lenses and how it can prohibit a large portion of the population from using an HMD. Different user’s can have their own pair of interchangeable lenses for the same HMD.

Apple is frequently filing patents of various kinds, and as is the case with most patents, there is no guarantee the technology behind this one will ever see its way to market.

Source: Patently Apple