Apple Pay Gets 27 More US Card Issuer Supporters

Apple Pay Gets 27 More US Card Issuer SupportersApple has added 27 more card issuers to its roster of US supporters.

With most major US card issuers now on-board, the new additions are mostly composed of smaller institutions such as Columbia Bank Florida, Mill City Credit Union, and Pasadena Federal Credit Union. But, as AppleInsider points out, it did see PNC support extend to the major bank’s Global Investment Servicing branch.

The mPayment platform’s roster of supporters now exceeds well beyond the milestone 1,000-mark that it reached last month, and Apple now seems to be focusing on bolstering its support on the merchant side, with new partners like Crate & Barrel and Chick-fil-A promising to enable in-store support soon. While there is still lots of room to grow, the US market remains Apple Pay’s strongest base, though it is expanding around the world and its recent debut in China appears to have been a triumph.

Still, back in the US, Apple Pay needs all the help it can get to fend off rivals Samsung Pay and Android Pay as they battle for bigger slices of the apparently growing mPayment market.

Source: AppleInsider