Apple Pay Now Supported by Almost Three-Quarters of Top 100 US Merchants

Apple Pay Now Supported by Almost Three-Quarters of Top 100 US Merchants

More major US retailers have come onboard in supporting Apple Pay, its biometrically secured digital wallet.

Apple has announced that support for its mobile payments platform will be in place at all 1,850 Target stores in the country “in the coming weeks,” according to a statement. And Apple Pay support has also been implemented at all 245 locations of the Hy-Vee supermarket chain in the Midwest, and at all of the roughly 3,000 Speedway locations across the East Coast, the Southeast, and the Midwest.

Apple is also looking to whet some appetites with Apple Pay support from major fast food retailers Taco Bell and Jack in the Box. The company says the support will be served up at all of their US locations – 7,000 for Taco Bell and 2,200 for Jack in the Box – “in the next few months.”

News of the new support from retailers comes after Apple announced breakthroughs with Costco, 7-Eleven, and CVS – which had once been a staunch opponent of Apple Pay – last summer. Apple says that 74 of the country’s top 100 merchants now support its digital wallet platform.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Apple Pay is the leading mobile payments system, or even that it’s a profitable business line for Apple; the company has steadfastly refused to disclose numbers concerning Apple Pay’s performance. But it does suggest some measure of success, with Apple further solidifying the infrastructure it will need to really be a significant player in the payments industry in the future.