Apple Receives Patent for Smart Ring Device

Apple Receives Patent for Smart Ring Device

A new patent suggests that Apple could still be looking to add a smart ring to its rapidly expanding portfolio of wearable devices. The proposed ring would have wireless capabilities, and would come equipped with a processor, a power supply, and a microphone to deliver a collection of features comparable to the Apple Watch.

Those features include a touchscreen and a series of sensors that would enable gesture recognition and biometric authentication, all of which would further integrate the ring into the broader Apple ecosystem. For instance, gesture recognition could allow users to point at their Mac to establish a wireless connection, and then transmit the wearer’s biometric information to unlock that device. Users could also flick their fingers to navigate a basic menu.

The ring would come with a dial control comparable to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown, while the gesture recognition sensors would be able to detect rotation and the ring’s position and angle relative to other devices.

Apple first filed the patent for the smart ring back in 2015, although the rumor mill has been relatively quiet as the Apple Watch has become more prominent in the intervening years. Apple recently filed a patent for a new form of sub-dermal imaging, while the latest incarnation of the Watch introduced a slew of new monitoring features when it hit store shelves in September.   

Source: Apple Insider