Apple Watch Debuts on Social Media

Apple Watch EditionThe Apple Watch went on sale today, and many who preordered it are receiving the first shipments, though many more are facing delays as Apple scrambles to meet demand.

As Sophie Curtis reports for the Telegraph, some customers have already taken to social media to show off their new smartwatches. Meanwhile, the few high-end shops that are selling the device – it won’t be available in Apple stores for the next several weeks – are seeing strong sales, with the Dover Street Market store in London having already sold out of its supply of Apple Watch Edition devices, the highest-price versions of the Apple Watch available.

The device is widely expected to perform well on the market, with some analysts predicting it will be a tipping point for the overall smartwatch market. That’s good news for both Apple and its rivals, so there is widespread optimism about today’s launch across the smartwatch industry.

There’s also good news for Apple fans who have preordered the device: The company says that it now expects to meet many of the orders sooner than originally anticipated. If users keep posting their new products to social media, that should further fuel the smartwatch hype machine as the devices continue to push their way into the mainstream market.