Aware Launches FIDO Certified Software Line

Aware, Inc. has launched a new software line delivering FIDO Certified selfie-based authentication on mobile devices. It’s called FIDO Suite.

Aware Launches FIDO Certified Software LineThe platform consists of three products: Aware FIDO Face Authenticator, Aware FIDO Client, and Aware FIDO Server. With respect to the underlying biometric technology, the first product is key, enabling active and passive liveness detection as it performs facial recognition and matching. The other two offerings—FIDO Client and FIDO Server—are aimed at enabling interconnectivity, and are available on an a la carte basis, with Aware FIDO Server also being available as a component of Aware’s Biometric Services Platform (BioSP).

Aware’s emphasis on FIDO standards in this new product family could prove highly attractive to potential customers, given FIDO’s rising prominence across various sectors and industries; just this week, the consortium announced that over 200 products are now FIDO Certified. In a statement announcing FIDO Suite, Aware Marketing VP David Benini framed it within the broader shift beyond passwords, asserting that “FIDO’s broad industry support makes it the most promising path to ending our reliance on passwords for online authentication, and facial biometrics will play a major role.”


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)