VIDEO: Get To Know Aware’s Knomi Mobile Biometric Authentication Platform

Aware, Inc. is illustrating the benefits of its Knomi mobile biometric authentication platform – literally. The company has just released a new, animated video that shows how Knomi can make life easier on a day-to-day basis for end users:

The video starts things off by showing how Knomi can enable biometric facial recognition on a mobile device, and can even use that authentication to let a user log into a banking site on her computer with her phone. Next, the user verifies her identity on a phone call to a customer service center with voice biometrics – simply by saying, “My voice is my password.” And finally, a mobile chatbot identifies the user just by how she types on her phone.

Launched last autumn, Knomi is an SDK package that can be deployed as a cloud-based or on-device solution, and it is compliant with FIDO standards. For knowledgeable security experts, the platform’s advantages are clear, but Aware’s new video can help them to clearly explain its value to colleagues and other stakeholders as the buzz builds around biometric customer verification.

Get To Know Aware's Knomi Mobile Biometric Authentication Platform