Bank of Montreal Brings Biometric Mobile Authentication to Commercial and Corporate Clients

“We are very excited to be collaborating with both BMO and IBM Canada to leverage the latest available biometric technology into a simple, secure authentication solution for end-users.” – Jeff Crews, Chief Customer Officer, BioConnect

Bank of Montreal Brings Biometric Mobile Authentication to Commercial and Corporate ClientsOne of Canada’s biggest banks is bringing biometric mobile authentication to its commercial and corporate clients thanks to BioConnect technology.

Bank of Montreal (or “BMO”) has delivered the new authentication system to its BMO Online Banking for Business platform, and on its newly launched BMO Banking for Business Mobile App. Implemented in collaboration with IBM Canada, the security system is designed to leverage multiple biometric factors, including face, fingerprint, eye, and voice, for end user authentication.

In a statement announcing the new solution, BMO North America Treasury & Payment Solutions Head Sharon Haward-Laird explained that BMO is focused “on offering new digital capabilities that will enhance the user experience and align with changing customer expectations, and this partnership is a reflection of that.” Haward-Laird added that enabling users “to quickly authenticate transactions and payments using biometric authentication vastly improves the customer experience while enhancing security for our clients in Canada and the U.S.”

The BMO security system’s announcement arrives on the heels of BioConnect’s latest upgrade to its flagship multimodal biometric authentication platform. And it reinforces an ongoing trend in the financial services industry as a growing number of banks seek to deliver strong biometric security to their customers.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)