Bank of America Embraces Mobile Biometrics

Bank of America Embraces Mobile BiometricsBank of America is now letting users of its Android mobile app log in via fingerprint scan. The upgrade comes by way of an update to the app available through the Google Play Store.

Along with improvements to the app aiming to make it easier for users to digitally deposit cheques and to set up appointments with bank specialists, the biometric login is perhaps the most remarkable improvement, given the convenience and security it offers to users tired of remembering passwords and PINs.

While Bank of America certainly isn’t the first financial institution to implement biometric login – many other apps have done so via the iPhone’s Touch ID system, for example – its introduction of fingerprint support seems to be designed to accommodate the native fingerprint sensor capabilities of Google’s new Android Marshmallow operating system, according to AndroidHeadlines‘ David Steele.

The timing of the development would appear to back that up, too, given the imminent release of Android Marshmallow, and the other hints of fingerprint sensor support that have been spotted in the code of the latest version of the Google Play Store itself.

Meanwhile, Bank of America is also participating in a beta test of Samsung’s forthcoming mPayment platform, Samsung Pay, which is also going to rely on biometric authentication via fingerprint. The financial institution clearly anticipates a future in which smartphone-based fingerprint scanning will play an increasingly large role.

Source: AndroidHeadlines