New BeamU Biometric Smart Card Features FPC’s T-Shape Fingerprint Sensor

New BeamU Biometric Smart Card Features FPC's T-Shape Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Cards technology is being used to secure a new biometric smart card from the startup BeamU.

BeamU’s eponymous card, which has already gone well past its $5,000 fundraising goal in a Kickstarter campaign launched in April, has many functions. At its core, it’s a kind of biometric key, storing user credentials and allowing them to be shared with paired devices via NFC, Bluetooth, or even a USB connection. And as a complementary function, it can also act as a password manager, essentially infusing archaic password security with second-factor biometric authentication.

But the device can also be used as a secure flash drive, and to find a misplaced phone via Bluetooth tracking; and it comes with some simple games that can be played on a small display embedded in the credit card-sized device.

But with respect to the authentication capabilities of the BeamU, Fingerprint Cards’ technology is playing an essential role. Its T-Shape module, designed specifically for card applications, is being used for fingerprint recognition. And with the integration being announced right after the news that Fingerprints’ technology is also being used in a biometric key fob from Mobylabs, it illustrates the company’s growing presence in the emerging biometric smart cards market.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)