BIO-key’s New Client Orders EcoID Fingerprint Readers

A new client has embraced BIO-key‘s biometric IT access control solutions after suffering a serious data breach, the company says.BIO-key's New Client Orders EcoID Fingerprint Readers

In a statement, BIO-key didn’t name its client, but said it is “a machine design, engineering and manufacturing firm.” BIO-key explains that the company experienced an internal security breach stemming from a practice of password-sharing among employees. The incident was evidently serious enough to prompt the organization to seek out a more secure means of regulating access to its IT assets.

To that end, it has ordered BIO-key’s EcoID fingerprint readers, USB devices for computers and laptops. The readers are designed for plug-and-play compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 10 devices, and operate in coordination with BIO-key’s ID Director for Windows software.

BIO-key did has not revealed the size or value of the order, but in its announcement of the deal, COO Barbara Rivera said the contract “validates the use case for BIO-key solutions to eliminate internal password vulnerabilities and prevent future security breaches.” Rivera added that as organizations continue to discover these vulnerabilities, “we are seeing growing interest in our solutions across a range of sectors.”

News of the contract comes soon after BIO-key’s announcement of a major order of its fingerprint readers and software from a high-profile government defense ministry earlier this month.

January 25, 2018 – by Alex Perala