BIO-key is Showing Off New TouchLocks at Design Tokyo

BIO-key is participating in this week’s Design Tokyo expo, and is taking the opportunity to show off two new product offerings.

BIO-key is Showing Off New TouchLocks at Design Tokyo

The event is aimed at showcasing “marketable” products, representing an opportunity for BIO-key to get its biometric consumer offerings in front of potential clients and partners. So the company is showing off its full line of consumer-facing offerings at the event, including new additions to its line of biometric padlocks and bike locks, with BIO-key Hong Kong Managing Director Wong Kwok Fong commenting in a statement that Design Tokyo “will provide global visibility for our dynamic range of consumer products.”

One of those new additions is the TouchLock TSA Pro, a luggage padlock that features both a fingerprint reader and Bluetooth support. The solution was named an “Editor’s Pick” by Design Tokyo’s administrative committee, suggesting it will have a strong showing.

The new TouchLock Bike Pro, meanwhile, also features a fingerprint reader and Bluetooth functionality, and could prove to be particularly appealing at Design Tokyo given that Asahi Cycle Co. recently became a distribution partner for BIO-key’s bike lock offerings.

The APAC market and hardware solutions like the TouchLock offerings were highlighted as two of the ‘three pillars’ of BIO-key’s business strategy for this year, so the company’s plans for Design Tokyo suggest that the company sees this event as a major opportunity.

Design Tokyo runs from July 4th to 6th.