BIO-key Awarded Key Biometrics Patent

 “Accurate and efficient one-to-many biometric identification is the cornerstone of secure identity and authentication services.” – Mira LaCous, CTO, BIO-key

BIO-key has been awarded a patent for a key component of its technology portfolio.New Patent Approval Burnishes BIO-key IP Portfolio

Entitled, “Adaptive Short Lists and Acceleration of Biometrics Database Search,” US Patent 10,025,831 covers an iterative search system, in which a database is scanned with varying parameters to come up with a kind of ‘short list’ of potential matches. As BIO-key explained in a statement announcing the patent award, this system powers it ability to offer “cost-effective one-to-many fingerprint identification solutions that avoid the costly and computer-intensive brute force scans typically required to search biometric databases.”

Elaborating further, BIO-key Chief Technology Officer Mira LaCous said the system is “highly adaptive, making it suitable for processors found in personal devices, servers – both on-premise or in-cloud, as well as for leveraging massively-parallel GPUs found in today’s graphic and computation accelerator cards.” BIO-key says that the system is used in its core “Vector Segment Technology” biometric algorithm, and that it is included in its WEB-key and ID Director solutions.

News of the patent approval comes a little over a month after BIO-key’s announcement that it had been granted a patent for a passive authentication system based on fingerprint and facial recognition. Unlike the system outlined in BIO-key’s newest patent, that one has not yet been implemented in a BIO-key solution offered to customers, but both patents point to an increasingly robust IP portfolio on the part of the biometric authentication specialist.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)