Biocryptology Teams With Mitek For Improved Onboarding

“Working with Mitek to integrate its best-of-breed identity verification technology into our platform, means that our customers can be assured that the critical onboarding step is simple and secure.” – Ted Oorbals, CEO, Biocryptology

Madrid’s Biocryptology has teamed up with San Diego-based Mitek to improve onboarding for its biometric authentication platform.Biocryptology Teams With Mitek For Improved Onboarding

Biocryptology has adopted Mitek’s document verification technology to help ensure that users are who they say they are when initially registering their biometric credentials through its platform. From there, users can biometrically authenticate to access online accounts and physical infrastructure.

It’s a major step forward in the evolution of Biocryptology’s platform, which is aimed at offering high-level security across a range of potential applications, from personal email accounts to government databases, as the company’s CEO Ted Oorbals explained at Money20/20 Europe earlier this year.

For Mitek, meanwhile, it’s the latest integration of its document reading technology, which Experian embraced for its CrossCore identity platform this past spring, and was also adopted into a customer onboarding app called JanusID in September. In a statement announcing the Biocryptology collaboration, Mitek EMEA Managing Director René Hendrikse lauded his firm’s partner for its “aims to use biometric technology not just to unlock phones, but to ensure security in all aspects of our life—from banking transactions to replacing our door keys,” adding, “We’re delighted to partner with them to ensure that the on-boarding process is just as secure and effortless.”

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)