Could Biometric Ignition Locks Prevent Roadway Fatalities?

Police in Victoria, Australia, are considering the implementation of biometric ignition locks to stop individuals whose driver licenses have been revoked from getting behind the wheel, reports the Herald Sun.

Could Biometric Ignition Locks Prevent Roadway FatalitiesThe officials’ exploration of the solution comes in the wake of new figures indicating that banned drivers were responsible for 114 roadway fatalities over the past four years, with 33 such deaths last year alone. If revoking licenses isn’t enough to keep these dangerous drivers off the road, police are now looking to technological solutions.

The options under consideration by Victoria Police include driver license scanners and fingerprint scanners that would be installed in the vehicles of individuals whose licenses have been revoked. While such technologies are already available, police officials say it will take some time for state authorities to enact legislation allowing the measures to be implemented.

But with major fingerprint sensor makers already looking to get their technology into cars for everyday use, this authentication concept could seem an increasingly straightforward proposition over the coming months and years.

Source: Herald Sun


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