The Biometrics Industry Speaks at FedID 2018 [AUDIO]

FedID 2018: The Biometrics Industry Speaks [Audio Interview Roundup]This week Mobile ID World and FindBiometrics reported live from the FedID conference in Tampa. High level conversations about biometrics, identity management, access control, credentialing, trust, border control, law enforcement and national security kept the Tampa Convention Center abuzz all week, and our editors Peter Counter and Susan Stover were there to make sure industry leaders and big ideas were heard, conducting the next installments of the FindBiometrics audio interview series.

The conversations at FedID painted a picture of a government sector energized by the mainstream enthusiasm for biometrics, ready to move forward with exciting new initiatives in collaboration with he private sector. Listen to the audio interviews listed below to learn about the most important topics in law enforcement, border control, privacy, national security and more.

Listen to our FedID 2018 Audio Interviews with the Biometrics Industry:

FedID 2018: Crossmatch’s Nick Pattakos on Biometric Law Enforcement and the HID Global Acquisition

FedID 2018: Aware’s David Benini on Knomi, FIDO Certification, and Cloud vs On-Device

FedID 2018: NEC’s Benji Hutchinson Talks Facial Recognition and Border Control

FedID 2018: IDEMIA National Security Solutions’ Christian Schnedler on the Evolution of Biometric Law Enforcement

FedID 2018: IDEMIA Public Security Head Donnie Scott On Industry Candor, New Technologies, and Face ID

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