1Password Adds Support for Face Unlock on the Pixel 4

Biometrics News - 1Password Adds Support for Face Unlock on the Pixel 4

1Password, the popular password management app for iOS and Android, is now able to support the new Face Unlock feature on Google’s Pixel 4.

After updating their 1Password app to the latest version (7.3.2) users’ can now use Face Unlock to access various apps and services for a biometric security approach.

Previous versions of the app would prompt users to scan their fingerprint to access apps after they had already used Autofill to provide their credentials.

Prior to the release of the Pixel 4 last month, every previous version of Google’s flagship line of smartphones’ featured a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel of the phone. The scanners were not just a major part of the line’s design language, but also their only form of biometric authentication, and apps like 1Password used them to provide an extra layer of security.

1Password’s support for Face Unlock comes a few weeks after password management competitor LastPass made a similar announcement.

Google’s decision to switch to a 3D face-scanning form of biometric security similar to what is found on the iPhone with Face ID and ditch the fingerprint scanner on their phones has been met with some criticism. However as more apps update and begin supporting the new feature, the transition should become an easier one for users that had been accustomed to having fingerprint authentication universally supported.

1Password is available on the Google Play Store for free with a 30 day trial, after which a subscription will cost users $5.49/month.

Source: Android Community