Acuant Upgrades Document Recognition Capabilities

Biometrics News - Acuant Upgrades Document Recognition Capabilities

Acuant has upgraded its image capture and liveness detection capabilities. The improvements will lead to higher acceptance rates (and less abandonment) for people using the company’s selfie-based identity verification solutions.

The company’s enhanced document recognition technology will be particularly important in that regard. The new technology will automatically recognize the type of document being used, and auto-correct for common issues like cropping, glare, resolution, and blur. As a result, the platform will generate a higher quality document image that increases the likelihood of a facial recognition match during the biometric authentication process.

The upgrades have already been integrated into the Acuant AssureID and Acuant Face platforms, which also boast liveness detection that can beat video replay and other, more sophisticated forms of fraud.

“Rising accounts of synthetic identity fraud have underscored the importance of being able to quickly verify customers, especially in a mobile-first world,” said Acuant President and CEO Yossi Zekri. “Our partners rely on us to continuously evolve and keep up with new fraud challenges, such as image spoofing and deepfakes.”

Acuant AssureID matches a selfie against an official photo ID to verify the identities of users. The company received ISO 27001 certification earlier this year, while the AssureID platform has been used to safeguard everything from hotel check-ins to home sales to blockchain banking.