AS•NET Partnership Helps Solidify Ipsidy’s Foothold in Latin America

Biometrics News - AS•NET Partnership Helps Solidify Ipsidy's Foothold in Latin America

Ipsidy is looking to solidify its foothold in Latin America through a new partnership with AS•NET, a Colombian company that provides transaction solutions for retail outlets, financial institutions, and other organizations in the region. AS•NET will be integrating Ipsidy’s Proof and Verified identity verification services into its own platform, and will also be offering both solutions to other parties as a member of the Ipsidy Partner Network.

“We look forward to being an early leader in the Colombian and regional markets with solutions that help our clients reduce risk and fraud, and better protect their customers and end users’ accounts,” said AS•NET CEO Jose Fernando Rodriguez. “Ipsidy’s solutions will provide our financial clients with secure identity authentication that achieves these goals.”

Proof is a mobile app that matches a user’s facial biometrics against an official government ID for secure customer onboarding. Verified, meanwhile, is a selfie authentication service that allows users to gain easy access to their accounts.

The AS•NET agreement is Ipsidy’s latest attempt to expand its business in Latin America. The company previously joined forces with Mobile Solutions Peru, a GPS solutions provider that agreed to sell Ipsidy’s identity services to the rest of its client network in the region. That partnership led to a deal with Peru’s Boxer Security shortly after.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)