Boon Edam to Debut Biometric Turnstiles at ISC East

Biometrics News - Boon Edam to Debut Biometric Turnstiles at ISC East

Boon Edam Inc., a Dutch manufacturer of security entrances and revolving doors, announced it will be demonstrating a range of biometrically integrated optical turnstiles at International Security Conference (ISC) East 2019 in New York City later this month.

Boon Edam is the official turnstile sponsor for ISC East for the 12th year in a row, and will be displaying five lanes of the Lifeline Speed Swing at the conference’s main entrance.

Launched in 2015, the Lifeline Speed Swing, the industry’s slimmest optical turnstile, is equipped with IDEMIA‘s MorphoWave technology, a touchless 3D sensor that is capable of capturing an individual’s fingerprints by simply waving their hand over the scanner surface. This rapid form of biometric identification will allow for faster access through security points using the Lifeline Speed Swing.

Turnstiles are usually deployed in addition to manned security at various points in a building. Piggybacking or tailgating — where an individual who hasn’t been granted access quickly follows one who has through an open gate — is a problem the turnstile industry faces and one that requires a solution.

Boon Edam entry experts will be on hand at ISC East to discuss their range of revolving doors that aim to address this problem. The company’s Tourlock 180 security revolving door and the CircleLock mantrap portals use multi-factor biometric authentication that eliminate the threat of tailgating and don’t require a manned security presence.

ISC East 2019 is taking place from November 20 to 21 at the Javits Center in New York City.