FacePhi Partners with Santander Argentina

Biometrics News - FacePhi Partners with Santander Argentina

Another Argentinian bank has chosen to adopt FacePhi’s SelphID onboarding solution. The facial recognition specialist has announced that it is teaming up with Santander Argentina and Compusistem, the latter of which is the technological partner for the bank.

SelphID uses face and document recognition to compare a selfie to the photo on an official ID to verify the identities of new customers. The platform is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and can also be deployed through a bank’s website.

The new partnership will further solidify FacePhi’s strong presence in Argentina. The company has formed alliances with nearly a dozen banks across the country, and added Banco del Sol and Banco Supervielle to its roster in 2019. Santander Argentina currently operates more than 460 and serves upwards of 3.7 million clients.

The news suggests that FacePhi will indeed be able to build on its phenomenal 2019 success. The company recently consolidated its portfolio through the acquisition of Ecertic, which develops the document recognition technology featured in SelphID. FacePhi has also teamed up with Credicorp Bank in Panama as it continues to make inroads in Latin America more generally. The company has made new alliances with banks in Mexico and Peru in addition to Argentina.