Fujitsu’s RunMyProcess IoT Platform Secured by ImageWare Biometrics

Fujitsu's RunMyProcess IoT Platform Secured by ImageWare Biometrics

Fujitsu is safeguarding its RunMyProcess Digital Suite with biometric authentication technology from ImageWare Systems. RunMyProcess is an enterprise-level cloud platform that can be used to develop a range of applications for different IoT devices.

ImageWare’s IoT DNA Security, meanwhile, will help protect the data on those devices in addition to the devices themselves. The partnership will allow businesses to integrate biometric authentication into their RunMyProcess applications, thereby improving security across an entire network and lowering the chances of a breach through an unsecured device.

“Traditional cyber security strategies have slowed adoption rates for IoT projects. We are working to reverse that trend,” said RunMyProcess CEO Hiroshi Yazawa. “We are able to take the security and scalability of IoT devices, data and applications to a whole new level.” 

“IoT platforms and application vendors can now securely authorize users, via multiple biometrics, [for] access to IoT devices,” added ImageWare Chairman and CEO Jim Miller.

The ImageWare platform will allow businesses to choose from multiple biometric modalities. The company recently launched a selfie-based anti-spoofing solution, and unveiled a new Digital Identity Platform back in February. Revenues were down in the company’s Q2 report, but Miller remains optimistic following a successful direct offering that raised more than $6 million.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)