Galaxy S10 Software Update will Address Fingerprint Security Issue

Biometrics News - Galaxy S10 Software Update will Address Fingerprint Security Issue

Samsung is still struggling with the in-display fingerprint sensor on its Galaxy S10 smartphone. The company has announced that it will be rolling out a software patch to address the latest issue, which allows unregistered users to unlock the phone just as easily as the owner.

The bug was first reported by a British user who purchased a third-party screen protector. After the protector was installed, the woman’s husband was able to unlock her phone with his own fingerprint and bypass the biometric information registered to the phone. The bug completely negates the benefits of biometric security, granting everyone access to the S10 device.

Samsung claims that the issue occurs when the phone recognizes the pattern on some silicone phone cases. South Korea’s KaKaobank has advised users to stop using fingerprint logins until the patch has been released and the problem has been resolved.

This is not the first time that Samsung has run into trouble with the S10’s in-display fingerprint sensor. A hacker was able to execute a successful spoof shortly after the phone’s debut. Samsung would later release an urgent software update to improve the sensor’s performance.

The Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint sensor was the first to receive FIDO’s Biometric Component Certification. Samsung made the feature a key selling point when it launched the phone earlier this year.

Source: Saltwire Network