Hearsay Systems Launches Biometric and PIN Security for Hearsay Relate App

Hearsay Systems Launches Biometric and PIN Security for Hearsay Relate App

Hearsay Systems has announced the launch of improved security for its Hearsay Relate app in the form of a multimodal approach featuring biometric and PIN-based authorization.

Hearsay Systems is a provider of business solutions for financial services organizations through its various products and services, including Hearsay Cloud, Hearsay Social, and the Hearsay Relate app. Agents and advisors can use Hearsay Relate to communicate with clients and colleagues using a dedicated business number through secure voice and text.

The implementation of biometric authentication – either facial recognition or fingerprint-based, depending on the capabilities of the device being used – in addition to PIN-based security gives Hearsay increased protection for both company and client data and ensures that agents and advisors are compliant with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) guidelines.

“As the rise of attacks on mobile devices coincide with the broadening of corporate device policies, Hearsay is at the forefront of security, providing another layer of protection and advancing FINRA’s cybersecurity recommendations,” said Alex Falls, VP of Product, Hearsay Systems. “Advisors increasingly conduct business over mobile devices. They want to be connected at all times but have no desire to use a different device for work than they do for personal communications. Hearsay’s latest advancements ensure that they don’t have to choose between toggling devices and maintaining the integrity of client data and interactions.”

The multimodal approach adopted by Hearsay also ensures that sensitive data stored within the Relate app is protected behind an additional layer of security, preventing sensitive data from being accessed if a device is lost, stolen or compromised by creating a secure partition separating the users’ work and personal data on their device. If, for example, an agent’s child used their parents phone to play a game, they wouldn’t be able to accidentally call or message a client.

The HearSay Relate app is available for download on both iOS and Android, though a Hearsay Systems account is required to use it.