IDEX Provides Fingerprint Sensors for DongWoon ID Cards

Biometrics News - IDEX Provides Fingerprint Sensors for DongWoon ID Cards

IDEX Biometrics has announced that it will be supplying the fingerprint sensors for a new biometric ID card from DongWoon Anatech. The new cards are designed for access control, and will specifically leverage IDEX’s SmartFinger IDX 3200 dual-interface fingerprint sensor.

DongWoon is a South Korea-based supplier of biometric algorithms, and will partner with a third-party card manufacturer to produce the cards. IDEX plans to begin shipping sensors in the first half of 2020, while the cards themselves will be designed with an eye towards the international market.

“IDEX’s fingerprint technology and systems expertise made them the obvious partner of choice,” said DongWoon SVP Young Kyu Han. “This technology represents the next generation of secure access solutions and I’m looking forward to offering this solution to our customers.”

The news builds on IDEX’s prior success with the SmartFinger IDX 3200 sensor, which was the focal point of a multi-million dollar deal with an unnamed partner earlier this year. IDEX began fulfilling that order in October.   

IDEX recently received a UK patent for its on-card enrollment solution, which supplemented similar patents in the US and Australia. Chutian Dragon and IDEMIA have licensed the on-card enrollment tech over the course of the past year.