IDLive Face Enables Purely Passive Face Authentication

Biometrics News: IDLive Face Enables Purely Passive Face Authentication

ID R&D has announced a new biometric authentication system based on facial recognition that is entirely passive, requiring no special effort from the end user.

Called IDLive Face, the solution is designed for Android or iOS apps, or for web-based apps. Users’ faces are scanned as they use the apps, and their biometrics are matched almost in real-time on a remote server, with faster matching speeds possible using GPUs, according to ID R&D.

The solution does not require specialized hardware for biometric capture, using only the kinds of cameras found on contemporary mobile and PC devices; and its accuracy rates with respect to false positives and false negatives “achieve levels that meet or exceed industry expectations as proven by initial customers,” ID R&D asserted in a statement announcing the solution.

Commenting further, ID R&D CEO Alexey Khitrov emphasized the convenience that IDLive Face offers to end users, which will in turn deliver benefits to the businesses deploying the solution. “Eliminating complexity in the user experience is one of the primary focus areas of our research,” he said. “After failing to find other solutions in the marketplace that detect facial liveness in a passive way, we set out to solve this incredibly difficult challenge.”

The solution arrives at a time of growing popularity for mobile-based facial recognition systems, thanks in large part to Apple’s pivot to face-based user authentication with the iPhone X and later models of its iconic smartphone. It also comes at a time of growing concern around spoofing and a prevailing recognition of the need for liveness detection. By seeking to leapfrog to entirely passive liveness detection in face biometrics, ID R&D could establish itself as a leading provider of facial recognition software.

IDLive Face is now available as an SDK or Docker container on Windows and Linux, and is also available as part of SafeChat, an authentication solution that ID R&D has developed for virtual assistants.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)